The Best in Child
Development and Early


Pre-School I $138.00 per week
Pre-School II $135.00 per week

Pre-School III

$132.00 per week

Pre-Kindergarten I

Pre-Kindergarten II

$130.00 per week

School Age (K4 and K5)

Before/After School $79.00 per week
Surcharge  (Single Day Holidays) $15.00 per day extra
Full-Time Weeks  (Holidays & Summer) $130.00 per week  (All Field Trips & Activities Included)

School Age (first grade and older)

Before/After School $76.00 per week
Surcharge (Single Day Holidays) $15.00 per day extra
Full-Time Weeks   (Holidays & Summer)    $127.00 per week      (All Field Trips & Activities Included)

(Thanksgiving/Christmas/Spring Break, Intersessions, Summer)

Initial Registration Fee* $80.00
Curriculum Fee $75.00
                         - Young Years -

*Registration Fee is Non-Refundable

All fees must be paid in advance. Automatic transfers through Tuition Express (checking, savings, credit/debit cards), credit/debit card swipes or money orders are accepted for payment. Payments by credit/debit card can be made at each of our on-campus check-in monitors or on-line. For the safety of the children and our employees, cash is not accepted.