Educating the Young,
for Their Years to come!



We offer programs for children ranging from 30 months to 12 years old. If you have any questions about these programs, please feel free to contact us.

Schools Serviced:

We provide before and after school services for children who attend the following elementary schools:

  • A.C. Steere Elementary
  • Arthur Circle Elementary
  • Eden Gardens Magnet
  • Fairfield Magnet
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Shreve Island Elementary
  • South Highlands Magnet
  • University Elementary

We provide before and after school services for children who attend the following middle schools:

  • Caddo Middle Magnet
  • Youree Drive Middle School

Kindergarten (K4/K5)

Young Years offers an afterschool program that is age-appropriate for this group of children. The activities offered them are geared toward the "little child" that is still in them, such as the housekeeping center, the car center, the puzzle center, the reading center, the art center, computers, Wii consoles and more.

First Grade and Older

We offer an extensive school-age program for before and after school with planned activities to keep them busy with age appropriate groupings of ages 5 to 7 (School-Age 1) and 8 to 12 year olds (School-Age 2).

Young Years offers a variety of activities each afternoon, such as arts & crafts, computers for play and reference, Playstations, other video-type games, indoor basketball, indoor volleyball, indoor/ outdoor hockey, Wii & Xbox consoles and games, Dance, Dance Revolution dance pads, Foosball tables, a grass field for outdoor sports, and much more.

Young Years also offers a Homework Assistance Program. The "Homework Room" is in an area that is quiet and away from the general distractions of the main school age activities. There is no charge for this program.


Young Years has four full-size school buses, which we use for before school drop off, after school pick up and for field trips. Each bus is equipped with heating and air conditioning. All of our drivers maintain CDL driver's licenses.

Children who attend Fairfield Magnet, South Highlands Magnet and Caddo Middle magnet must ride a Caddo Parish school bus to/from school. Children who attend Eden Gardens Magnet must ride a Caddo Parish school bus to school, but they are picked up from school in a Young Years bus.

The following Caddo Parish buses service the area around Young Years:

Bus 404 . . . . . Caddo Middle Magnet
Bus 247 . . . . . Eden Gardens Magnet (mornings only), South Highlands Magnet
Bus 462 . . . . . Fairfield Magnet (students exchange from Bus 247 prior to drop off at
the school in the morning and exchange to Bus 247 prior to drop off at Young
Years in the afternoon)