Educating the Young,
for Their Years to come!



We offer programs for children ranging from 30 months to 12 years old. If you have any questions about these programs, please feel free to contact us.


Young Years has been hand-selected by the Department of Education (ED) to be a Louisiana test site for the recently developed HATCH Program, an electronic tablet based instruction program. Using the "Big Day for Pre-K" curriculum in conjunction with ED's HATCH Program and the Young Years Tutor-by-Two's Program, Young Years' kindergarten prep program is designed for 2-1/2 to 5 year olds preparing them for their all-important school years ahead. We are excited to announce that 94% of Young Years' students that applied and tested for the 2015 Caddo Parish Magnet Program were accepted!

The "Big Day for Pre-K" curriculum is recognized nationally and conforms to Louisiana's Core Curriculum. It provides developmentally appropriate activities for all age groups. It is a flexible, hands-on program that stimulates language development, promotes small/large muscle coordination, and teaches colors, shapes, numbers, letter recognition and much, much more. All of our classrooms are set up according to ECERS (Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale) standards with multiple learning centers in each room. The learning centers provide opportunities for the children to learn self-reliance, self-discipline and independence. We also further the children's home training, endeavoring to teach manners, politeness, obedience, thoughtfulness and sharing with others.

New in 2013, Young Years now incorporates weekly tutoring for every Pre-K student. Included in the standard tuition, Young Years Tutor-by-Two's Program has been added to the students' educational experience with no extra cost to parents. Tutor-by-Two's is a small group, two students per teacher, environment allowing Young Years to supplement students' learning experience with individualized and customized material to enhance your child's development and school preparation. Each student's progression through the tutoring program is tracked in a portfolio and used to customize the student's focus in each session.

Our class structures are as follows:

  • Caterpillars: (2 ½ yr. – 3 ½ yr.)
  • Butterflies: (3 ½ yr. – 4 yr.)
  • Kindergarten Prep: (4 yr. –5 yr.)
  • School Age: (After-school)

Schools Serviced:

We provide before and after school services for children who attend the following elementary schools:

  • A.C. Steere Elementary
  • Arthur Circle Elementary
  • Eden Gardens Magnet
  • Fairfield Magnet
  • Riverside Elementary
  • Shreve Island Elementary
  • South Highlands Magnet
  • University Elementary

We provide before and after school services for children who attend the following middle schools:

  • Caddo Middle Magnet
  • Youree Drive Middle School


Young Years has four full-size school buses, which we use for before school drop off, after school pick up and for field trips. Each bus is equipped with heating and air conditioning. All of our drivers maintain CDL driver's licenses.

Children who attend Fairfield Magnet, South Highlands Magnet and Caddo Middle magnet must ride a Caddo Parish school bus to/from school. Children who attend Eden Gardens Magnet must ride a Caddo Parish school bus to school, but they are picked up from school in a Young Years bus.

The following Caddo Parish buses service the area around Young Years:

Bus 404 . . . . . Caddo Middle Magnet
Bus 247 . . . . . Eden Gardens Magnet, Fairfield Magnet
Bus 151 . . . . . South Highlands Magnet (students exchange from Bus 247 prior to drop off at
the school in the morning and exchange to Bus 247 prior to drop off at Young
Years in the afternoon)